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Where do you get stuck in the Life Cycle?

The Life Cycle of the Chakras

One of the repatternings that comes up a lot in my personal sessions is the Life Cycle Repatterning.

You are probably aware of the energy centres called Chakras that form a column aligned with our spine. Each of these energy centres has a different frequency and they correspond with different aspects of the human experience as well as different body functions and organs. One of these aspects correlates to the Life Cycle.

So what is the Life Cycle exactly? In a nutshell, it is a process we go through in all areas of our life and it has five distinct phases:

  1. New beginnings - being still and open, ready for something new

  2. Intention, ideas and inspiration - allowing ideas and inspiration to flow, forming an intention, what we are aiming for

  3. Action - going into action to manifest our intention

  4. Creation - allowing creativity to flow into our actions and aligned with our intention

  5. Completion - completing what we started

Each of these phases corresponds to a Chakra - Ether (Throat) Chakra, Air (Heart) Chakra, Fire (Solar Plexus) Chakra, Water (Pelvis) Chakra and Earth (Coccyx) Chakra.

In a perfectly functioning system, we are able to move through the different phases of the Life Cycle with ease, effectively, sequencially and smoothly. When our system is out of balance, or in certain areas of our life, we might find that we avoid certain steps in the cycle, or prematurely activate other steps, messing up their order and leading to problems and dissatisfaction.

Just the other day, I received a session around finding an intimate partner and I needed the Life Cycle Repatterning. I have been avoiding the Ether Chakra of New Beginnings by not trusting my intuition and prematurely activating the Fire Chakra of Action by moving into the next relationship because I don't know what to do with my feelings. After the session, I felt calmer, able to be still and listen to my intuition and free of the anxiety of "What if I pick the wrong guy?!"

Have you noticed an area of your life where you struggle, lack ideas, intentions or inspiration, are not motivated to go into action, or maybe rush into action prematurely? Or maybe you've noticed that you fail to complete things - projects, relationship that have run their course. Or you have difficulty just being still, waiting with an open heart and mind for what comes next in your life. Perhaps you would benefit from this repatterning too!

With love and gratitude,



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