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Performance Qualities Heart Circle

Heart Circles are a group experience that help us find emotional blockages, limiting ancestral patterns, and negative mindsets that stop us from creating the life we want. 

All the qualities chosen for these sessions are seen in successful athletes and performers of all kinds. Join me in this session and experience the power of a group session, where the heart connection and entrained energy of the group has the potential to precipitate tremendous transformations in each one of its members.


Each month’s Heart Circle is $47 and purchased separately. 

When: The 28th day of each month

Where: Online Zoom Call


  1. Once you have signed up, you will receive a Zoom link for the session. 

  2. During the Zoom call, participants are expected to have their video on and display their first names in order to establish an atmosphere of trust, conducive to a deep transformation. Participants agree to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of all by joining the call from a private space, using headphones if necessary, and refraining from discussing the details of the session with third parties. 

  3. We begin the session with an activity to entrain the group's energy and we continue by using the Scalar Heart Connection process. Participants may use the chat or their microphone to take part when invited to do so. 

  4. The session notes will be shared with you after the event. *Please note that this session is not available as a recording.

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