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“In life there is no such thing as impossible; it's always possible.”

 Venus Williams

Improving Your Sports Performance Program

The Program

Resonance Repatterning®, Scalar Heart Connection® and Magui Block® method are designed to identify the unconscious patterns that keep you stuck and unable to manifest your highest sporting potential. I will help you transform your barriers into patterns that are empowering, life-enhancing, and supportive of you attaining your goals. Through this program, you will work on the often invisible mental and emotional barriers, so that you can effortlessly and consistently work on all the physical components of sports performance. The individual sessions allow you to identify your biggest personal obstacles to success. The group sessions give you a boost from the combined energy of many people.

What You Get

  1. A questionnaire to help you identify your biggest obstacles to improving your performance

  2. An initial group "Movement for Life Repatterning" session - a repatterning that identifies and transforms resonance with negative beliefs and feelings that inhibit natural, spontaneous, life-enhancing movement

  3. Two (2) individual, 50 minute sessions to identify and transform your biggest obstacles to reaching the top of your game

  4. A group "Self-Mastery Repatterning" session to further support you in attaining your performance goals


Start dates in February, April, August, and October.

Duration is two months.

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