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Meridian Resonance Repatterning Group Session

Group Resonance Repatterning® sessions to balance the twelve Meridians. Each month’s session is $47 and purchased separately.

When: The 20th day of each month

Where: To protect participant privacy, this session is conducted by proxy – participants take part by submitting statements in advance of the session. They participate on an energetic level and by watching the livestream.


  1. Before the session, you will be given the opportunity to share issues you would like to repattern through Google Forms.

  2. Sophia will collect all the submissions and conduct the session on the date mentioned above, which you will have the opportunity to watch live. 

  3. The session notes will be available after the event, along with the opportunity to watch the session’s recording.

Thank you for participating in a Meridian Group Session! 
Please let us know about your experience
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