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Timing is everything

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This week I made a decision that had seemed impossible to make just a few days ago. It is a decision that appears small and more of a realigning with what already is, than anything else, but it is actually gigantic. It is gigantic because I have taken back my power from the person I had willingly given it to. To the outside world, nothing is different. To me everything has changed.

But this isn't why I am writing this post today, nor is it what I want to talk about. What I want to share is the insight that was hammered home to me when I finally reached this point.

Timing is everything.

You see, many of my wise friends and colleagues had already told me that I needed to do this. They'd already told me that I had given my power away and I needed to reclaim it. But I just wasn't ready to see what they saw, to take this step, to take back my power. I hadn't grown enough, I hadn't healed enough, I wasn't strong enough until this moment.

It is so tempting sometimes to get frustrated and turn away from others because they don't want to listen, don't want to see what we see, or don't take our advice. But if we can be patient, particularly with those we love, such as our children or parents, and stop insisting on our point of view and repeating the same thing over and over, we might be pleasantly surprised when they change their tune a little while later.

Trust that they are listening, that they are taking on board what you say, and let go of expectation and attachement to the result.

The right timing will come.

With love and gratitude,



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