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A Journey

I few months ago, I wrote a blog post at The Repatterning Journal about using Resonance Repatterning® to shift negative patterns I encountered in myself while playing badminton. Despite knowing and believing it will work, to be quite honest, I’m astounded by the incredible change I have experienced as a result!

Where before I was unsure and timid, I am now confident. Where before I was closed off and scared, I now am open, friendly, and have a lot of fun! Where before I moved slowly and with difficulty, now I zoom around the court, often surprising myself when I get to the shuttle before it hits the floor.

Out of all the repatternings I have done for badminton, there is one that really stands out in my mind:

I had been training my footwork so that I could get to the back of the court quickly when the shuttle flew over my head to one of the back corners. But I found this movement strangely difficult. Moving forward wasn’t a problem, but moving back seemed close to impossible. My feet would suddenly feel like lead and, if I got to the shuttle in time, I’d be out of breath and needing to sit down for a moment.

After that training session, I focused my repatterning on this issue: “My feet are like lead. I can’t move freely. I’m out of breath.” Not surprisingly, I needed a breath repatterning and the earlier experience connected to my present difficulty, turned out to be my baptism, which caused a fear/stress response that kept getting triggered at badminton. It is not always easy to figure out why a certain situation in the present triggers a particular response set in the past, and I can’t say I see the connection in this instance, but it works! After that repatterning session, I have been able to move in any direction on the court with ease.

I’ve been wanting to blog more frequently for a while now, but as I was considering sharing my Resonance Repatterning journey to a better badminton game, I’ve realised that I’m already more than half way through it! I’m not needing as many sessions any more and the changes I’m seeing are not as profound. It’s more like fine tuning an instrument.

So I’ve got a different plan. I’m going to blog about my journey to move through and overcome the blocks I have around music.

Stay tuned for more!

With love and gratitude, Sophia


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