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Wise words from Rumi

I read this poem this morning and was inspired by it, so I wanted to share it with you.

Victory of Maryam poem by Rumi with image of a lion

As an adolescent and young adult, I remember feeling that human existence was purely a biological phenomenon and there was no purpose to my experiences. Now I am very much in tune with my spirituality and I know that my life has meaning and purpose way beyond a mere biological existence. Developing my intuition, serendipitous moments, meeting people with whom I feel a profound connection at first sight, as if I know them somehow and our paths in life were meant to cross and we were meant to travel along this life journey together for a while, have reinforced this outlook of life - an outlook that my younger self simply didn't have the tools or life experience to appreciate.

I remember meeting people back then who tried to impart the wisdom reflected in Rumi's words to me, but I was simply unable to hear it. But I do find myself wondering how my life might have unfolded if I had. And I wonder why so many of us insist on believing something so limiting.

If our life has meaning and purpose, if we are descended from lions and have the strength of stallions, if love is the key to everything - if we truly believe this - we are limitless, fearless, invincible, and our success is guaranteed. We see life as an adventure, every difficulty as a challenge, every failure as an opportunity and a learning, and we understand that love is the best protection of all.

So I invite you to choose to believe what gives you strength and empowers you, and to let go of those beliefs that keep you small and trapped in your present reality.

With love and gratitude,



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