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New Musical Beginnings

Every new resolution should begin with an intention and, of course, it makes a big difference when one is resonating with it!

What do I mean by resonating with it, you might ask. Well, as Albert Einstein said, “Everything in life is vibration.” Different frequencies align matter in different form and so, in order to manifest something you intend, your system needs to be aligned with the frequency of this intention – i.e. it needs to be resonating with it.

A sure sign that you’re not resonating with an intention is that you haven’t achieved it yet! So my first task and Resonance Repatterning® session this week was to clarify my Intention and make sure I was resonating with it.

“I effortlessly read and play music. I have perfect pitch and can easily improvise on my μπουζούκι. I play any song by ear and I perform with confidence in front of others.”

This seemed like a good place to start. Now what?

After checking my resonance with it, I found it was off, that is to say, I was not resonating with this frequency. Then I moved on to the next statement. Through muscle checking I discovered that there were some negative beliefs I needed to release, so my next statement was:

“I let go of my fingers being too slow and too small to make clear notes and play fast rhythms, the belief that only men can play μπουζούκι, that I have no talent, and that I can’t understand music, and I access my energy reserves of hope, optimism, and self-confidence.”

And then the all important receptivity: “I am receptive to the field of limitless energy that makes all things possible.”

Both of these statements were off for me.

Next the muscle checking directed me to the Integration for Growth Repatterning, which is all about dealing with our tendency to cycle down, unable to maintain the progress and higher state of energy that we achieve over time.

“I find it difficult to maintain a high state of well-being when learning music and in my mental attitude.”

This statement was on for me, which we would expect, since it is a negative statement.

“I deplete my energy by giving up.” “I deplete my energy by being depressed.” “I won’t know what to do with myself if things change.” “I return to giving up and being depressed because if feels familiar and comfortable.”

All these were on.

Next was what would I like instead of my depleted state.

“I maintain a high state of well-being when learning, practicing, and playing music.” “I hold and integrate higher frequencies of energy in my system.”

Both off.

Then, I needed something from the Metal Element Repatterning – Opening a New Space

Again the problem was “I cannot learn music and music theory. Reading music and rhythm is difficult. My fingers are too slow.”

The positive statements I needed were: “I let go of my mental block against understanding music.” “I open the space for intuitive knowledge of music.” “I let go of believing I am stupid and incapable of playing music.” “I let go of my old way of being.”

One of the most important aspects of the Resonance Repatterning® process is identifying the earlier experience that is linked to the current problem and the responses that were set then and are being triggered in the present. Oddly enough, this problem I’m experiencing with music was linked to an earlier experience with a dog in which I was terrified. I’m still not quite sure what dogs have to do with music, but it just goes to show how our experiences can have far reaching impacts throughout our lives, even in areas that can seem entirely unconnected.

The final statement of my session was, “I open the space for creativity and sound in my life.”

Now all that was left was the energising option that would shift my energy and resonance with all these statements, so that the positive statements would be on and the negative ones off. What was needed was Katsugen – a spontaneous movement arising from within.

And that was it. Time to take out my μπουζούκι and start practicing!

Follow my blog and stay tuned for more posts on my journey to reaching my full potential within the world of music.

With love and gratitude,



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