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Processing Earlier Experiences

One of my first blog posts was about the moment when I realized that sport is the arena in which my negative patterns become most apparent to me and I invited you to think about which area of your life serves this purpose for you.

If you haven't already thought about this, I invite you to do so now. Is it your work? Your family life? Your hobby? Your friendships? It provides an excellent place for you to start noticing what are your trigger points and your default reactions. Do you go into self-criticism and self-blame? Do you go into judgement and blaming others?

Notice what emotion crops up in these situations. Do you feel hopeless or depressed? Angry or frustrated? Afraid or paralyzed? Ashamed or humiliated? Inadequate or victimized?

As you practice paying attention to your reactions and emotions, you might get a sense of when in your childhood you might have had similar feelings that planted the seed for your present reactions. Remember that it is not the external circumstances that will be similar, but the emotion that wells up.

When I have a sense of the earlier experience, I like to do one of three things:

  1. Experience the unpleasant emotion, visualizing myself holding the small child that I was in that experience, so she doesn't feel alone

  2. Ask myself what I needed as a small child and visualizing a new story in which my needs are met

  3. Do or receive a session on this issue

Which one I choose depends on what my gut is telling me I need. If you feel it's number three, go ahead and book a session with me or another practitioner of your choice, and we can explore together what is needed to move you beyond the pattern.

With love and gratitude,



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