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Letting Go of Regrets

“Practice, practice, practice, and then practice some more.” This is the mantra of every teacher, every coach, and when I realized that I’ve not been doing that, I figured it was time for another Resonance Repatterning® session.

This time, it was a Relationship Intention Repatterning, which you might very accurately deduce is all about relationship with another person – inducing enough energy into the relationship circuit to create a magnetic field of attraction that strengthens the relationship bond, whether it’s with a colleague, friend, life-partner, or other. Clearly some adapting of the repatterning was going to be required, but I trust the muscle checking tool we use, and so I went with it. It turns out, this session was all about letting go of my regrets that relate to music.

When we spend time regretting missed opportunities and past mistakes, we waste the energy available to us in the present, and then regret that too, leading to a never ending spiral that brings us down, making us despondent, hopeless and depressed, and unable to move into positive action and new beginnings in the present. To let go of our regrets, it is important to accept what happened, learn the lesson, and move on, and of course, to truly achieve that, we need to resonate with it.

My session centred on me being open to new learning and to fully realise my potential to express myself through music. Various non-coherent statements came up that I was resonating with, such as, “Music is complex and difficult”, “I am incapable of understanding music theory and innately producing music”, and “I have no musical talent.” My regrets were giving up on the piano when I was a teenager and then learning to play the guitar instead of the μπουζούκι – a musical instrument that has always spoken to me and I have always wanted to play.

Having identified all the negative statements that my energy system was ready to release, I then had the pleasure of identifying the positive statements that would replace them. As I’ve explained in other blog posts, I was not resonating with any of them – they were all off.

“I open my heart fully to give and receive love in my music.” “I bring passion, love, harmony to my relationship with music.” “I am aware of my needs and my needs are met.” “I trust my feelings.” “I create beauty and harmony in my surroundings, my music, and how I relate.” “I build a loving relationship with music by focusing on its positive qualities of coherence and joy.” “I let go of everything that comes in the way of unconditional love and joy.” “I open the space to be fully alive, present, and inspired in my life and my relationship with music.”

Wow! Typing them up all together like this makes me feel even more uplifted.

The Spiral Up option to shift the energy for this session was listening to an interval – the interval of a Minor 7th with a fundamental note of G# – my birth note! When I looked up the intention associated with this interval, I discovered it is, “I handle tensions as a way to bring growth, unity, and a heightened sense of consciousness for all concerned.”

Another wonderful session complete and all my statements have shifted from on to off, and off to on, respectively.

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With love and gratitude, Sophia


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