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Perfect Pitch

I’m really quite excited by the results from my first repatterning on the topic of my musical expression. I’ve been taking music lessons for a few months now, where we work on identifying intervals, transcribing music, playing different rhythms, amongst other things. Yesterday, I was doing a lot better in all these areas, but I experienced a particularly noticeable improvement in my ability to identify notes! I’m feeling really encouraged right now and practicing my μπουζούκι a lot more as a result.

Another thing I love about repatternings is that I can direct the session by having something in mind that I want to work on, but equally, I can turn up without an agenda, knowing that what I’m ready to shift will be identified in the session regardless.

With my general topic of improving my musical expression in mind, my session today took me to an Intention once more, which was actually focused on one aspect of what I’d worked on in the previous session: “I have perfect pitch.” This time, however, the non-coherence was held, not in my general field of energy, but at a specific age. In Resonance Repatterning®, we sometimes find that this is the case, but the majority of the time, we tend to hold the non-coherence in our general field. Interestingly enough, it was my eight-year-old who was not resonating with having perfect pitch, which was the same age as the earlier experience with the dog that I identified last time.

Today, I also had to identify the underlying need that my eight-year-old was missing: “I let go of my negative judgements and my anger reactions.”

After identifying these statements from the Intention section, my muscle checking directed me to the Masculine-Feminine Repatterning, which supports us in appropriately moving from our masculine (yang) to our feminine (yin) energy and back again according the the situation we’re in, especially within relationships. Ideally the shift happens seamlessly, thus maintaining the polarity (and attractive force) between ourselves and others.

My negative statements were: “I cannot express myself through music.” “I am overwhelmed by negative thoughts and emotions.”

These were on.

The positive statements I needed instead were: “I believe in my musical talent and abilities.” “I am flexible in how I access and express my masculine and feminine qualities according to the needs of each situation.” “I find my true purpose.” “I survive and support others’ survival.”

These were off.

At this point, I discovered I needed one more repatterning – the Nun Karma Repatterning. This repatterning is designed to identify and release patterns that have been imprinted on the spirit level of our being as a result of solemn vows taken in other lifetimes or held within our family lineage and generational patterns. While these vows may have served us in the past, they often hinder our personal development and growth now – for example, a vow of poverty serves few people in the 21st century.

Here were my negative statements from this repatterning: “I am a charlatan.” “As a result of earlier lifetime vows, I now disembody.” “I am reluctant to accept the responsibility of maintaining a state of higher consciousness.” “I am a contemplative.”

These were all on.

The one positive statements I needed from this repatterning was: “I am secure because I have nothing to fear in myself.”

This was off.

After the Spiral Up option, my resonance with all statements had shifted. I can’t wait to see how this session will affect my music!

With love and gratitude, Sophia


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