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Happy Mother's Day!

Yin, in the Chinese philosophy, is the passive female principle of the universe, characterised as female and sustaining, and associated with earth, dark, and cold (Oxford languages dictionary).

What has this got to do with mother's day, you ask? Well, the quality of nurturing that we all need from our mother comes from Yin energy.

Our experience of life on earth is an experience of duality. There is hot and there is cold, light and dark, contraction and expansion, etc and each of these opposing energies are either Yin or Yang in nature. Regardless of our sex, we all have and need these two energies to be strong and well balanced within us.

When, for example, we are having a conversation with another, when they are speaking (expressing their Yang energy), we must be listening (being receptive in our Yin energy) and visa versa. If this doesn't happen, communication fails and we end up either being silent (both parties are stuck in their Yin energy) or failing to listen to each other and having a shouting match (both parties are in Yang energy).

So this mother's day, I invite you to think about ways in which you can develop your Yin energy.

When we develop a strong female polarity, we are able to be in touch with our needs, to give and receive nourishment, be in touch with our emotions, and connect from the heart. The female principle of Yin is all about attraction and receptivity.

In what area of your life do you have a strong female polarity? In what area of your life do you not? In what areas are you overly passive, and in what areas are you overly assertive? And in what way can you bring more balance by doing something different? You might be surprised by the results.

With love and gratitude,



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