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Are you using 100%?

I was playing badminton one day, feeling frustrated that I cannot seem to manage to repeat the quality of the shots I am able to do during my training, when I suddenly had an idea to check what percentage of my innate ability I am actually using when I play.

It was a revelation!

Any guesses what the number was?

I was resonating with having 52% of my ability available when playing badminton. There were other numbers too that were even more alarming. For example, 2% of my strength, 12% of my focus, 6% of poise under pressure, and 22% stamina.

I looked up all the traits that successful athletes have in common and checked my resonance with them. Recognizing that we are all born with a certain tableau of these qualities whose combination is unique to each of us, I was curious to see how much of my innate traits I am actually using during my training and how much during my games. It was fascinating to see how the numbers changed and that they were different in other areas of my life too. For example, I was resonating with using 53% focus during my training, 2% during games and 86% in my work.

Needless to say, after doing a session on this theme, I noticed a substantial improvement in my game, which was very gratifying indeed. This experience also prompted me to create some DIY Transformations that I will be making available in my online store for those of you who are interested.

With love and gratitude,



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