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Week 9 - I Love Myself Unconditionally

Humiliation and shame seem to be the flavor of my emotional charge this week. As I discovered in Resonance Repatterning®, it is apparent that there are a handful of early childhood experiences from where the unintegrated emotions originate, which I find quite fascinating. It feels as if there are layers of emotions that surface one after another, all connected with the same experience my two-year-old self had.

Poor little thing – so much to deal with for such a small human being. It’s been good to tell myself, “I love myself unconditionally,” and to visualize myself holding two-year-old me!

My Resonance Repatterning® session addressed her limiting belief that nothing good will ever last and, if I buy into anything good, it will get snatched away. No wonder then that, when I finally meet someone with whom the potential exists to build an amazing relationship, my system sabotages any chance of it happening.

The good news is that I have received the message and dismissed the messenger. I am integrating the emotional charge and moving forward. And I love the insight I am getting and the power of combining The Presence Process with a small number of Resonance Repatterning® sessions whose intention is to support me through this process.

I understand that Michael Brown is not keen on this approach as the whole point of this process isn’t to “heal” but to be more present, to feel unconditionally, simply because it is happening now, free of expectations, trying to understand, fix, transform, or heal anything. I agree with him that this is the ultimate goal. However, I am also certain that for many people – myself included – the initial, principle motivation is to relieve our suffering and transform it into health, vitality and joy.

Combining The Presence Process with energy healing and/or energy psychology tools that can address the unconscious beliefs and programs running our lives – as explained beautifully by Bruce Lipton here – might not be the purest way to go through the process, but it is a valid one, and one, I believe, supports us in reaching a point where we can easily complete The Presence Process exactly as Michael Brown suggests – being 100% present in each moment and feeling our emotions just because they are happening right now.

Anyone out there have any thoughts to share on this?

With love and gratitude,


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