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Week 4 - I Feel Unconditionally

People say that life might feel like it’s going round in circles sometimes, but actually it’s a spiral. This week was a bit like that as I felt the pain and grief of his rejection again, and the pain and grief of my 13-year-old self.

There wasn’t any particular interaction between us that reactivated this emotional charge, just perhaps another layer of grief superimposed on the rage I felt last week, which itself was underneath the grief I experienced during the first week of this process.

I was contemplating why I couldn’t seem to integrate these emotions around what happened when I was thirteen, when I had a sudden flash of inspiration! Perhaps, I thought, this particular emotional charge is held in certain aspects of my body-mind system from where it needs to be diffused before it can be fully integrated. So I did a Diffusion from the Resonance Repatterning® system on myself and, apparently, I really needed it because, after it was complete and I had diffused the pain of my 13-year-old’s experience from my physical and mental body, I can now honestly say that I have no emotional charge attached to that experience. It is just a story – like a movie I saw a long time ago.

I used the Diffusion process again later in the week to remove residual resonance for not being chosen, not being anyone’s priority, and lack of forgiveness from my Heart Chakra. I’m excited at the possibilities using Resonance Repatterning® to support The Presence Process holds!

With love and gratitude,


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