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Week 10 - I Appreciate What I am

This week I am finally, consistently feeling lighter and happier. After the work I did last week, I have also seen a significant improvement in my badminton game, free of the feelings of humiliation I used to experience every time I made a mistake. My feet are lighter and I move better on the court. Free of the humiliation, I can learn from my mistakes and improve my game. It’s an amazing experience!

This week I felt an emotional charge around men only meeting my needs on their terms, when they feel like it, and how this makes me feel like I’m on a leash. If I want to have my needs met, I have to be prepared to drop everything and go to them whenever they feel like being loving and supportive.

Thank heaven for Resonance Repatterning®!! Along with this pattern, I discovered another which relates to me taking on more work than others in order to keep them near for fear of losing my tribe. The reality is that none of us have to lose out friends and family. All we have to do is reconsider what needs we are able to meet for each other and keep our interactions to those situations and activities that give us all pleasure. We can find new friends to fill the voids that naturally arise as we grow and expand beyond the circle of friends we already have.

So The Presence Process is at an end for me now and I’m absolutely thrilled I took the time to do it, no matter how challenging it was at times. Michael Brown recommends we do it more than once, so I will undoubtedly return to it in a few weeks time. I don’t believe I’ll be writing a weekly blog about it this time, however. I hope you have found some inspiration, support, use for my thoughts and experience. I’d love to hear your thoughts if you’d like to share them with me and, if you do your own Presence Process, good luck!

If you’d like to use Resonance Repatterning® to support you through the process like I did, please get it touch!

With love and gratitude,


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