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Will this pattern ever go?!

Spiral of stained-glass windows

How long does it take to let go of a pattern?

This is a question my clients ask me often and invariably the answer is... "It depends."

The thing is that our patterns are not all the same. Some we have developed recently and some have been with us for years or decades. Some relate to a particular set of circumstances and others permeate pretty much all aspects of our lives. Some we have outgrown and are happy to let go of, while others are masking a deep seeded fear or unmet need.

Often we end up clearing the easiest patterns first - those that we are ready to drop, the ones that are more recent, the ones specific to a certain set of circumstances. And as we let go and choose more coherence, we open the door to go deeper and deeper, understanding ourselves better, having more love and compassion for the little child inside us who managed to survive by creating these patterns, forgiving ourselves and choosing a different path and a healthier set of beliefs and values.

Some patterns will go after just one session and others will take several sessions, months or even years.

But no matter how long it takes, rest assured that the end reward is priceless - a sense of joy, peace and love hitherto unfelt, more energy and vitality, clarity and authenticity.

So take the journey. It is worth it.

With love and gratitude,



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